Committed professionals

Team: J.Sweelssen , S.Eitdorf, C.Wester, B.Theissen, A.Rühl, L.Reinartz, F.Esser, M.Wolfram, I.Klein, C.Dettenmaier, M.Wilms, M.Van Leusden, N.Frijns-Deswijzen, D.Formhals

The Karlinis Team under the management of Ms Anna Rühl consists of 20 educational professionals.

Different curriculum vitae, individual priorities and special abilities ensure great variety in the team. Everyone has the children’s welfare at heart: The joy of observing learning children, challenging them with individual impulses and creating an appreciative atmosphere in which the children feel at ease.

The Kita Team is supported by a housekeeper, cleaning staff and a caretaker, who contribute considerably to a successful Kita day.